(Insert usual apologies for lack of blog posts)

This spring, we decided to try Maxon’s hand at T-ball. We weren’t sure how it was going to be received since we were coming off of a hot season of college basketball and, at the time, there was little interest in anything else. Mike and I tried to boost it up by getting completely decked out in gear and equipment and watching all the early-season baseball games on TV and soon enough we were seeing real interest growing.

We missed the first two games of the season because of our April vacation and then the next game got rained out (a pattern to be repeated throughout most of the season) so by the time the next game rolled around, Maxon was on point. While his batting was a little tentative, he was all in for going for the ball. To be fair, along with half of his team. A grounder would dribble towards first base and wouldn’t you know everyone from first, second, and third base would come running for that ball. Of course, the other half were busy playing with dirt or spinning in circles. But clearly, Maxon was the most attentive player with the most effort because at the end of his very first T-ball game, he got the game ball.

Here we are, almost two months later, and it’s all baseball all the time. Batting and throwing practice in the backyard, before and after a broken arm (yep, that’ll be another post), and almost daily games on TV plus replays in live-action in the living room. He knows almost all the Colorado Rockies by name and has a game schedule he references often to remind us when to set up a DVR recording. He has already told me that baseball is WAY better than basketball and football.

One thought on “T-Ball

  1. It’s outstanding that he had a great year playing t-ball and really enjoyed himself. I’m happy for all of you!

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