Cooper started swim lessons early this summer and he has been a total natural. Over a year ago we tried the baby-and-me type of swim classes where either Mike or I would be in the water holding him the whole time which he liked enough but he wasn’t interested in doing anything more than splashing. This summer, a switch must have flipped. He was all of a sudden obsessed with water: the pool, the hot tub, the bath tub. It was time to get him into real swim lessons!


It’s funny how much confidence a pair of goggles can bring. Once he was introduced to them, we hardly ever saw him above water. On more than a few excursions to the pool, he would constantly duck under water just to check things out. He was holding his breath longer and longer underwater. He soon figured out how to propel himself, even if only for a couple of feet.

As lessons progressed through the summer and fall, I was amazed at seeing this little person have so much fun in the water and being capable of so much already. He is far from being independent but we can already tell he is taking after his swimmer daddy.

Maxon in Kindergarten

School started on August 24th and we are now two months in. He has been having a blast since Day 1 and he is still excited to get up and go everyday! It has been quite the adjustment, and to be honest, we are still trying to smooth out the new rhythm but it has all been positive. He has biked or walked most days to school, he is thrilled to pick what he has for lunch (usually either a peanut butter-and-jelly or ham-and-cheese sandwich), and looks forward to whatever classroom “jobs” he’s assigned for the week.

According to our parent-teacher conference (for real), Maxon is settling in very well in the classroom and is quite the teacher’s helper when other kids need help with reading. He’s made a lot of new friends and has requested playdates. And he’s already gone on a field trip to a farm out in eastern Boulder County, which marks the first time Maxon has been somewhere that neither Mike nor I have been. I love that he is building and filling his own little part of the world!