Maxon in Kindergarten

School started on August 24th and we are now two months in. He has been having a blast since Day 1 and he is still excited to get up and go everyday! It has been quite the adjustment, and to be honest, we are still trying to smooth out the new rhythm but it has all been positive. He has biked or walked most days to school, he is thrilled to pick what he has for lunch (usually either a peanut butter-and-jelly or ham-and-cheese sandwich), and looks forward to whatever classroom “jobs” he’s assigned for the week.

According to our parent-teacher conference (for real), Maxon is settling in very well in the classroom and is quite the teacher’s helper when other kids need help with reading. He’s made a lot of new friends and has requested playdates. And he’s already gone on a field trip to a farm out in eastern Boulder County, which marks the first time Maxon has been somewhere that neither Mike nor I have been. I love that he is building and filling his own little part of the world!

One thought on “Maxon in Kindergarten

  1. Awesome! Awesome! That’s our boy! We are all happy about your attitude towards school and your everyday grind. Proud of you too, my dear daughter!!!!

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