2012 Year in Review

A look back on 2012.  House renovations.  New kid.  Cross country travel.  Races.  Toddler turned independent freethinker. Family visits   Sleepless nights.  With a touch of fun, of course.  It was interesting to put this video together and realize I started the year with one family and ended with another entirely.  Here’s to 2013!

Here is last year’s Year in Review for further reading

The Will to Nest

I see that my last blog post was deep in the depths of our latest renovation projects. As of today, I am happy to report that we are approaching the finish line. The upstairs is done enough for us to move into our respective bedrooms complete with new furniture. And for the first time since moving into this house, Mike and I will have a door to our bedroom! We still have some odds and ends that need to get done but relatively speaking, they are for cosmetic purposes only. We have not arrived at this point without some effort on our part though. As soon as the carpet was installed 5 days ago, we took that as our cue to reclaim the space from construction zone to master bedroom. Against most pregnancy recommendations (but probably in line with most pregnant women), I could not be stopped from doing what I knew needed to be done to get my nest in order. Moving mattresses, hoisting boxes of clothes, pushing furniture around, battling inch-deep dust, and laundry, laundry, laundry. For sure I am plagued with various body aches and discomfort at the end of the night coupled with insomnia, but I still can’t feel revved by the satisfaction that I am Getting Things Done.

As for the other finish line, I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced at last week’s appointment. For tomorrow’s 39-week check-up, I may not even bother to check since it really doesn’t mean anything unless I’m actually in labor. But now that I’ve gotten the above labor under my maternity belt, I am becoming more at peace with starting this particular labor whenever the right time comes!

At 32 Weeks

8 little weeks left before we become a family of four. Eight. Single digit countdown! If the contractors hold to their timeline, we should be done with this round of renovation in 4 weeks, giving me 4 WHOLE weeks to prepare for the new arrival. What am I going to do with that abundance of time? If you recall, the end date of our last renovation coincided with the day we brought Maxon home from the hospital, and truth be told, lingered another week or two after that to finish the exterior. That was a particular tough time for task-driven and organizational me, having to deal with moving back upstairs into the new space (but with no real furniture), setting up Maxon’s nursery, Christmas card-writing, decorating, and shopping. This time around, I’m truly excited watching everything come together, even though I am battling the screams of my inner clean-freak seeing the contents of the house covered in 100-year-old dust, holes in the ceiling and floor, and virtually no privacy in the house 6 out of 7 days of the week. This renovation is different from the last but I like to think that I’m different too and am comically thinking there is a chance that I will handle the newborn phase a lot better this time!

As far as the interior “construction” going on in my belly, I continue to be amazed that I haven’t literally exploded yet. This kid is constantly on the move. Two weeks ago at my last appt when my OB was trying to get a heartrate, his kicks practically returned some serious feedback on the Doppler. And if I’m partaking in the ice cream portion of my day, then he’s doing a little happy dance. And if he’s not practicing his kung-fu moves in my belly, then he probably has the hiccups. I find it ironic that the closer I give birth, my belly button, the last vestige of my being in my own mother’s womb, is quickly disappearing. I’m sure there is symbolism in that.

The Third Trimester, Revisited

At 28+ weeks

What’s The Same

The sweet tooth. Oh, the sweet tooth! I could have something sweet for every meal of the day and then a little more for dessert. Of course, I still wouldn’t turn down a bag of chips.

Weight gain/belly size. Well, now that is. I think I got a head start on fast pace at the very beginning but somewhere in the early second trimester, things have evened out. Of course, since this pregnancy really started to show itself over the fall, the wardrobe is different and not for the better (see below).

Lack of problems. I was blessed once again with no morning sickness. I did experience a big energy drop in the first trimester but have recovered nicely. However, we’ll save the motivation factor for the next section.

Home renovation. Yup, we’re at it again! This time we are building a master suite over the kitchen and enclosing the area we currently use as our bedroom as a second proper bedroom for you-know-who. We thought we were giving ourselves plenty of breathing room by initiating things over the summer but of course you don’t plan on having to wait for other people to do their part so here we are right now with nothing to show except a very large ditch in the backyard with which to bury the power lines [someday]. We just got an email that hammers are swinging on Monday. For bonus points, here is where we were at 28 weeks when cooking Maxon.

What’s Different

Better nutrition. I just completed the glucose tolerance test and also checked my iron levels and passed both with flying colors. I was surprised by the result of the latter since I had low iron with Maxon and assumed I’d be further in the hole this time. I credit my nutritional inventory on better prenatal vitamins (no more Target knock-offs) and this year’s project to eat organic, local produce and grass-fed beef through our CSA.

Alarm on permanent snooze. This is absolutely, positively, no-bones-about-it because of Maxon. If the little man chooses to sleep in, by golly, we are ALL going to sleep in. Instead of the early gym visits before work, I now drop Maxon off at school and then hit the gym about mid-morning. Somehow, even with an unpredictable toddler, we are managing a little more sleep. Yes, we are hoping our bodies are banking it now!

Feeling more baby movement. I thought I was a little delusional thinking I could feel this baby at 16 weeks but when I got confirmation that the placenta was in the back (instead of against my belly), there is no mistaking the difference in what I am able to feel. This kid is ON all day, all over the place, and testing for weaknesses. The right side is apparently still where the party’s at.

Less belly discomfort. At this point, I’m fairly certain I had to support my belly with a wedge-like pillow in order to get comfortable. Rolling over was already a chore. Perhaps it’s because my ab muscles are not quite at-attention now and are totally okay with needing to relax and stretch a bit to accommodate all that reside within. Whatever it is, I’ve moved the extra support to between the knees to give the sister hips a break and I find myself sleeping much better than before. However…

More pelvis discomfort. The belly’s fine. The hips are okay. The lower back can be alleviated if I can shake them out every now and then. But oh me, oh my, some days I just feel like I might split in two if I don’t sit down on a cushy couch and put my feet up immediately. And be spoon-fed grapes mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Less working out. Yeah, perhaps I should have been more clear about hitting the gym in the above bullet point. I’m fairly pleased with myself if I get to the gym twice a week. It’s not so much energy level but time, time, time. The time to work out before was a luxury as well as a necessity. Now, I count cleaning, grocery store trips, and laundry as necessities that require that same time.

More hatred of maternity clothing. I am just not the body type designers have in mind. Jeans are a joke and sweats are not fashionably acceptable. Many thanks to those who brought the leggings-and-long-sweaters look back!

More pampering. Monthly massages and weekly prenatal yoga. Oh yeah.

Okay, so the pants are actually the same as the first pregnancy but a little more threadbare.

A Reflection at 27 Weeks

Well, that title sounds much more contemplative than this will really be. A reflection, yes, but only because of all this time that I let pass behind me since the last post about our second pregnancy. It has been largely uneventful and can probably just recycle most of my experiences with Maxon but with less time for self-analysis and theses. The new spin, however, is how much less pep and motivation I have for this round. I’m getting better at letting the house go to shambles for a little longer. I count household chores and errands as exercise/personal time. I’ve gotten much more efficient at throwing meals together that require either just one pot or can be deconstructed for Maxon’s visual palate or has less than 3 ingredients. I’ve accepted leggings and stretch pants as the latest fashion trend and embrace the fact I can walk more than two steps without having to stop to hitch them back up where they belong. However, the things I have taken to the next level are signing up for monthly massages, going to weekly prenatal yoga and partaking of nightly desserts. A well-rounded sophomore pregnancy, if you ask me.