A Rare Moment

The boys had stopped whining. Snacks were not requested. They were quietly coloring within inches of each other. It was magical. I didn’t even want to put down the camera to wipe the snot running freely between Cooper’s nose and his mouth.

If you want a little context, the first 20 seconds was me slowly shaking my head and giving Cooper the Mom-stare every time he tried to give the pencil a nibble. We’re going to have to watch this guy.

Obstacle Course

As we transition from the all-day sun and warmth of summer into the questionable conditions for fall, you have to get a little creative with what time and materials you have at your disposal to create the perfect backyard playland. All design and building credits go to Mike.


2012 Year in Review

A look back on 2012.  House renovations.  New kid.  Cross country travel.  Races.  Toddler turned independent freethinker. Family visits   Sleepless nights.  With a touch of fun, of course.  It was interesting to put this video together and realize I started the year with one family and ended with another entirely.  Here’s to 2013!

Here is last year’s Year in Review for further reading

Happy New Year!

We kicked off the new year with a visit from Tita Stephanie, which literally started when we stepped off the plane back from NC where she met us at the gate, having arrived a few hours before. We all took the bus back to Boulder together where Tita plied Maxon with constant attention… and peanut M&Ms. Once we got settled back at home, we had our third and final opening of Christmas gifts under our own Christmas tree which still looked happy and healthy despite being unwatered the entire time we were in NC. A Christmas miracle!

Check out one of Cooper’s new toys. Or rather, Cooper’s reaction to his first loud and seemingly random toy that he is absolutely in love with:

We also checked out the Denver Aquarium for the first time on New Years Day. I had heard that it can be a crowded nightmare on most days but apparently we were part of the small population that didn’t actually do anything on New Years Eve and therefore had energy to burn on January 1st. It was a big hit with all the kids!

Maxon and Lucy in the tunnel

Maxon and Lucy in the tunnel

Tracking a stingray

Tracking a stingray

And since we can’t go a single month without someone being sick and miserable, I unfortunately drew the short stick and got hit with the flu during the first week of January. I was totally in denial for the first 3 days, thinking the constant high fever and chills were just part of a nasty cold. Apologies to all the restaurants and stores I went to during the brief moments when the ibuprofen kicked in. The good news is we got Cooper’s ears checked out earlier this week and nbt only are they uninfected, but they are totally clear of fluid. Of course, he has a little cold right now so we’ll see if the story changes next week!