What we started with

What we started with

********** Day 1 – 10/08/2009 **********

Demoing the master bedroom.

Looks neat....looks normal.

Looks neat....looks normal.


Construction?  or DEstruction

Construction? or DEstruction


********** Day 2 – 10/09/2009 **********

Demoing of the nursery.

The nursery before it got all demoified.

The nursery before it got all demoified.

Internal Destruction in Future Nursery

Internal Destruction in Future Nursery

Internal Destruction in the Future Nursery

Internal Destruction in the Future Nursery


********** Day 3 – 10/13/2009 **********

Removing the roof.

Roof is gone!

Roof is gone!

Roof all tarped up for the night

Roof all tarped up for the night

Found some old whiskey bottles in the soffits.  From prohibition?

Found some old whiskey bottles in the soffits. From prohibition?



********** Day 4 – 10/14/2009 **********

More roof removal.  Building support walls so roof doesn’t collapse during construction.

Up the stairs to the bedroom

Up the stairs to the bedroom

That's where our bed used to be

That's where our bed used to be


********** Day 5 – 10/15/2009 **********

Starting construction of the first dormer.

Starting the roof from scratch

Starting the roof from scratch

The north dormer starts to take shape

The north dormer starts to take shape




********** Day 6 – 10/16/2009 **********

Building roof around second dormer and prepping the bump out section for the modest expansion of the second floor.

Nursery roof sheared off

Nursery roof sheared off

Portion of brick wall removed to bump out the floor

Portion of brick wall removed to bump out the floor


********** Day 7 – 10/17/2009 **********

Framing of dormer two.  Looking good!

Both dormers framed out

Both dormers framed out


********** Day 8 – 10/19/2009 **********

The framing of the dormers is done.  Now adding walls and getting the roof ready for rain.

Getting the walls up!

Getting the walls up!


********** Day 9 – 10/20/2009 **********

Finishing the walls and building out the soffits as well as firming up all the framing.

Walls and soffits

Walls and soffits

New roof in the master bedroom

New roof in the master bedroom

The nursery gets a new roof!

The nursery gets a new roof!


********** Day 10 – 10/21/2009 **********

Bad weather so all the work is inside today. More demo of the ceiling inside which is super dirty.  Work begins on the new closet.

Start of the framing for the closet

Start of the framing for the closet


********** Day 11 – 10/22/2009 **********

 More work inside.  Big news is the work to add a loft.

Closet framed out.  Now it's only half the danger of falling down the stairs.

Closet framed out. Now it

New loft/storage space in the nursery

New loft/storage space in the nursery



********** Day 12 – 10/23/2009 **********

Electrician showed up today and we laid out where we want all our lights and switches.  It’s pretty cool to be able to do WHATEVER you want.  We also picked out a shingle color.

Lights, lights, lights!

Lights, lights, lights!

********** Day 13 – 10/26/2009 **********

Electrician returned to put in all the new circuits and outlets that we talked about on Friday. The roof shingles were also delivered and the roofer got a little bit of a head start on the west side of the roof.


New outlets!

********** Day 14 – 10/27/2009 **********

It’s a race against time! There is heavy snow in the forecast and it looks like it’s significant enough to stop work on the house. The electrician put in a little overtime to get everything ready for the electrical inspection tomorrow and the roofer got most of the roof covered up. The big thing for today though was the new bathroom skylight! We’ve got so much more natural light coming in now, Mike’s got room to “maneuver”, and you can hardly see it from the outside. Win-win-win!


New roof shingles


Installing the skylight


New skylight in the bathroom. Hope the neighbors don't mind a show every now and then...


Mike can finally stand straight while doing his business.

********** 10/28/2009 **********

Forecasts were proven right. We woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground and there is no sign of it letting up. The inspector verbally passed the electrical but there are a few minor things that need to be taken care before he signs off on it. We were hoping to get the insulation blown in today but with the weather and the temperature, it just wasn’t in the cards. Time to batten down the hatches for the big snow day.


Snow day - progress halted

********** 10/29/2009 **********

We’ve gotten almost 2 feet of snow! Needless to say, nothing more got done today.

********** 10/30/2009 **********

Snow has finally stopped and the sun came back out. Lots of melting today. John came by to get the bathroom switching ready for the new vent. Insulation is being blown in tomorrow!

********** Day 15 – 10/31/2009 **********

The insulation guys on site today. We’re getting the fancy kind that’s blown in and cut to size because we don’t have a lot of room between the roof and the ceiling. We can’t complain–it’ll be much more energy efficient.



********** 11/02/2009 **********

Not too much activity today. The insulation passed inspection so we are a go for drywall. Whenever that is.

********** 11/03/2009 **********

Drywall dropped off but not installed. Boo.

********** Day 16 – 11/04/2009 **********

Finally getting started on the drywall! The roofer also came by to get more of the roof done. Almost there!


Drywall going up

********** Day 17 – 11/5/2009 **********

More drywall put up. We got a suitcase full of paint swatches to mull over for both the exterior and interior colors. This should be easy to decide.


Drywall progress


Mike in the new loft area

********** Day 18 – 11/06/2009 **********

Drywall AND the new roof finished today. Next step is putting up the “mud”, which could take several days. New estimated completion date is 11/23/2009. Ironically, my OB and I discussed when they would induce labor and it would also fall on this day. Fabulous.


Drywall up in the nursery


Drywall in the master bedroom

********** Day 19 – 11/09/2009 **********

Taping the drywall began today. Apparently, Big Tex was supposed to work all weekend and finish up today but didn’t have the right materials on site. Now he isn’t available to work until Thursday.


Cool drywall dude on stilts

********** Day 20 – 11/10/2009 **********

We didn’t think anything was going to happen today since the drywall extraordinaire isn’t scheduled to come back until Thursday but we were pleasantly surprised–the new windows were delivered! Mike was finally tapped for his brawniness. Poor thing has been hanging around the work site this whole time hoping someone would need our Target toolkit to hammer something important, but alas. On a serious note, I can’t believe we actually have windows up and not plywood. Amazing.


Bringing up the master window


Bringing up the nursery window



********** Day 21 – 11/11/2009 **********

Scaffolding went up and so did some shingles. Exciting!


Starting on the dormer shingles

********** Day 22 – 11/12/2009 **********

First dormer all shingled up. The railing also got started. More drywall work.


Beginnings of a real railing

********** Day 23 – 11/13/2009 **********

Another race against time! Snow is in the forecast for the weekend so the guys are working hard to get to the second dormer done. The flooring for the bump-out is here. Everything is such significant progress at this point!


Starting on the second dormer shingling


New floor on bump-out. Trim and sills around the window.

********** Day 24 – 11/14/2009 **********

No snow yet but the guys are here doing phase 1 of floor refinishing–stripping the old stuff off. It’s loud.


Refinishing the floors

********** Day 25 – 11/16/2009 **********

Phase 1 and Phase 2 (filling in the cracks) completed of the floor refinishing. More work on the dormer shingling and trimming. Poor guys had to shovel snow off the roof first so they had somewhere to work!

********** Day 26 – 11/17/2009 **********

Phase 3 of the floor refinishing–sanding down Phase 2. More exterior trimming today.

********** Day 27 – 11/18/2009 **********

Things are getting exciting, at least for us laypersons. The closet got laid out, the railing went up around the stairs, and the walls getting primed for paint tomorrow.

********** Day 28 – 11/19/2009 **********

We’re rolling now. Seems like everybody we’ve ever seen work on the house showed up today. The exterior is now primed, got the first coat of paint in the master up, and more detail work, like the trim, getting done. A nice bonus–all the debris and extra materials were cleaned up and hauled away so our house is looking less abandoned and more finished.

********** Day… ohhh, who knows. – as of 11/23/2009 **********

Most of the construction is completed, aside from the exterior painting and some minor finishing details in the bedrooms.

Den and staircase

Where our bed goes

Where the crib goes

4 thoughts on “Dormers

  1. Hooray! Hooray! I LOVED looking at the pictures. It seems like your house is HUGE! You are going to love this. (I still can’t picture how the stairs work, so keep posting pics.) Love you guys!

  2. THAT’S what I’m talking about! Pictures. Descriptions. I can feel the excitement. I can visulaize the progress. I can smell the sawdust. I can feel the thrill of . . . oh, sorry. I got carried away. But I am really happy for you guys, and I LOVE to see updates.

  3. Sweet! Looking good. Melanie looks like good mommy material, and baby boy Guzek looks like he’s ready to stretch out. When all this construction is done, I expect a cleaning service will get that baby’s room spic and span. Can’t wait to see ALL the changes in person!

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