Please Feed the Animals

I really didn’t know how this was going to go. There we were, at a petting zoo for the first time and I had very high expectations of greatness. The kids were extremely tentative at first and to be honest, the baby goats and lambs were intimidating even to me as they clamored over each other for first dibs on the kibble. I can’t say I was feeling especially brave either but motherhood makes you do things you never thought you’d do, such as catching puke in your hands or cutting a kid out of a poopy-blowout onesie. In this particular case, setting the example of how to feed rambunctious baby animals (with teeth!) out of the palm of your hand. In case you were wondering, they absolutely do not respond to kibble being thrown randomly at them.

There were no animals injured during the filming of this video. However, copious amounts of hand disinfectant was applied afterwards.

A Rare Moment

The boys had stopped whining. Snacks were not requested. They were quietly coloring within inches of each other. It was magical. I didn’t even want to put down the camera to wipe the snot running freely between Cooper’s nose and his mouth.

If you want a little context, the first 20 seconds was me slowly shaking my head and giving Cooper the Mom-stare every time he tried to give the pencil a nibble. We’re going to have to watch this guy.