Happy New Year!

We spent Christmas with the Guzek side in North Carolina. Maxon was overwhelmed with love and attention by grandparents, aunts/uncles and excited cousins, which was both a good and bad thing depending on his mood. His first order of business upon arriving at Babcie and Dziadzie’s house was inspecting the kitchen, where ultimately found the liquor cabinet and picked out two Maxon-sized airplane bottles of Baileys to be his go-to toys for the week. At least one of the bottles even made it into the bath with him. He tried to lug around the half-gallon of Kentucky whiskey but it was a little cumbersome. Maybe next Christmas, baby.

Getting in touch with his Irish heritage

Let me reiterate that Maxon chooses his own toys.

We even paid a visit to Santa! I wasn’t even planning to take Maxon this year since I didn’t think he would be into it (read: kicking/screaming/tears/snot) but it was hard to pass up when his cousins were already going. He reacted just as I expected but the very skillful and timely photographer managed to get a good set-up shot before all hell broke loose. Just as well–we hardly took any pictures of our own over the visit so at least we have this one!

I'm guessing lots of toddlers get their picture taken with extra accessories

We wanted to see what a potential daughter might look like. Sorry, Maxon.

Traveling was a little more of an active experience this time around. We had connecting flights on either end of the trip and for each first leg, Maxon was a high-maintenance wiggleworm that ended up scoring LOTS of in-flight Cheerios and banana cookie insurance for temporary silence but at least passed out for the second legs. I discovered that old US Airways planes do NOT have changing tables so we had to get a little creative with toilet seat covers. Also, not all flights offer milk so Maxon got his first taste of juice. But Starbucks offers to warm kids’ orders of milk–very nice.

We are getting scholastic this winter! We had our first “music class” today. The quotes symbolize my sitting in a circle with the other mommies and babies clumsily following the teacher in ridiculous singing and dancing while Maxon wandered the room and poked other children. I did feel like I infiltrated an exclusive mommy clique since everyone else seemed to know each other from previous classes and/or Gymboree. He had a great time though and I look forward to next week’s class. We are also starting swim class (quotes are pending) on Saturday. I am not sure if I am more nervous about letting him go in the pool or putting on a bathing suit in the post-holiday season.

Maxon is simultaneously working on his last molar and at least both his top canines. It is making for some interesting diapers, drool, and mood swings. He also got his second big-boy haircut but did not love the experience as much as last time so no opportunities for pictures. Next time!

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