Adventures in Napping

How it begins

How it usually ends

But this one is new!

The Disappearing Milestone

Well, he DID roll over, at least for one day. Now he has learned to stabilize himself on his elbows during tummy time so he doesn’t have the momentum to fall over to one side. Back to the drawing board!

In the past few weeks, we’ve gone from batting at toys to specifically grabbing at them, from chewing on his fists to grabbing his own hair, and from sucking on his bottom lip to sucking on his upper arms (that one confounds me). While he doesn’t grab or bat with his left hand at all, that’s the hand he uses to grab at his hair.

I’m not sure if this is a real milestone, but we’ve had several instances now of his pants becoming highwaters. The next size up should be interesting. Do they make baby belts or suspenders???

Crappy Napper

This boy does not stay down long during the day. On average, he takes 45-minute naps every few hours but this week it’s more like the 20-30 minute range, which can’t be all that refreshing. Definitely not for the parents! Luckily he usually wakes up happy and pleasant. I usually let him chatter away for a few minutes before I go in and get him, really to see if he’ll fall back asleep, but once he gets talking to his mobile animals, the party has started. Unfortunately, this does not translate into longer sleeping stints at night and if anything, he’s had shorter stints this week as well (*yawn*). Hopefully this phase will pass quickly!

And speaking of chatter, he is nonstop these days! Everyone and everything gets a talking to. He makes new sounds everyday so now I have to relearn the difference between winding up to a real cry and just making a statement. And he makes some strong statements.

Rolling Over

He did it! He has been better about tummy time lately but I’ve been putting him on the Boppy first so that he’s at least propped up and not sucking the blanket when his neck got tired. But this morning, moments after putting him on the Boppy, he just flopped over! He’s been rolling from side to side while on his back lately, swaddled or not, so I thought it was just a fluke, not to mention the softness of the pillow probably giving him some momentum. So I took him off the Boppy and laid him directly on the blanket and seconds later he was on his back! I tried to record the next attempt but he must have been too tired and Mike was out at the time so he had to take my word for it. We tried again after Maxon woke up from his nap and he barely waited until I had my hands off of him before he flipped over. Nope, this is no fluke! I’m watching him now trying to roll to his left side in such earnest and I wonder when he’s finally going to get the momentum to roll from back to front. This may be the end to official tummy time. We finally caught it on camera and I’ll be posting it to Facebook.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from this week.

Full Time

I started full-time back at work last week and that term has a whole new meaning now. I didn’t find maternity leave at all relaxing and taking care of Maxon is an all-day job, even with two of us tag-teaming him, and the days have gotten a little more interesting with adding work back in. Naptimes have become golden and there’s this frantic rush to get that one thing done, relieve the other person, and return phone calls. And once the workday is done, there’s dinner to think about and cleaning to ignore before attempting to go to bed early to start it all over again. We don’t have a real schedule of events yet but I sense one is forming although I’m not holding my breath until it comes. I’ve actually been tracking his feed/wake/sleep pattern for the last month in the hopes of finding some insight of when we should initiate certain activities throughout the day but it’s still all over the place. At least overnight and wake time are somewhat predictable. I’ll cut him a break though–I think it’s still too early to expect him to adhere to an adult-friendly schedule.

We’ve been trying to introduce some new practices to at least restore some of our own sanity, or at least our appendages. Last weekend we bought a baby carrier. We tried on a few different types and Maxon was such a sport about all the test-driving. For the most part. I’m happy with what we picked out, especially since it shockingly fits both me and Mike without ridiculous compromises, but I’m sure this is not the last carrier we’ll ever buy. Maxon doesn’t seem to be in love with it yet although he’s eventually fallen asleep every time we’ve tried it out. We’ve also tried to get on a bottle routine. He’s taken a handful of bottles since he was born but now that we are trying in earnest to use it regularly, he is outright rejecting it. I was hoping to get him used to taking at least one bottle a day but let’s just say the boy is a purist. I’m not giving up but it’s a little sad to just pour the contents of the bottle down the drain. What a metaphor.

In development news, the right fist has finally made it into his mouth. The first time only his finger made it in and by the look on his face, it wasn’t all that tasty. I guess the rest of the fist makes up for it. The left side still hasn’t quite gotten up to speed yet.

Sorry fans–no new pics for this post!

Baby on the Move

Last night Mike and I seperately noticed that Maxon rediscovered the stickers on his changing table and pumped his legs vigorously in excitement. So much so that he managed to scoot himself upwards on the table until his head was pressed up against the top edge but it didn’t seem to bother him. I guess that’s it for letting him hang out on the table while we throw his diaper away! As it turns out, the scooting didn’t end there. When we lay Maxon down in his crib, we obviously do it lengthwise. This is how we found him this morning.

This is not how we left you

Just today I noticed that he not only is interested on what’s going on on the left side of his vision but he’s going for it physically. He is totally pitching his body to that side. He’s far from actually rolling over since it takes a bit to haul the noggin over and his left arm is completely stretched out but it’s exciting nonetheless. He also seems to tolerate tummy time better but we’ve been using the Boppy as a starting point and I think he digs the new view.

It's only a matter of time

He is still pretty proud of his right fist and uses it to bat at stuff but he now relaxes it and purposefully grabs with his fingers. It takes a bit of concentration!

Look what I can finally hold!

Best news for today: he slept for 8.5 hours straight last night! We don’t expect a repeat performance (but one can always hope) and it was such a luxury to stay in bed for the entire night. I say “stay in bed” because I woke up every hour after 2am wondering both if this was when I finally had to get up to feed him and if he was still breathing.

These are so cool. Thanks Tita Steph!

Daddy stole my toy

Hee hee... we never see his arms

I just love this picture