2011 Year in Review

You take a ton of photos in any given year, but even more when you have a toddler on the scene.  I summed up the ones that were most descriptive of how our year went and did my best to include family and friends.  I put it to music and here it is.   You can also check out last year’s summary video (which is really a summary of Maxon’s first year of life) if you are so inclined.  Happy 2012!  Enjoy!!

6 thoughts on “2011 Year in Review

  1. Life is good is and love is everywhere in those pictures/videos. I can’t ask for anything else. Thank you for giving us Maxon. Mike and Melanie – you are the bestest parent in the whole world! Special thanks to Mike for this video and for everything. I can’t wait for Maxon’s small brother to come out. So exciting!!!!!

  2. Beautiful slide show. How did you know that was one of my favorite Peter, Paul & Mary tunes? Thanks for the extra treat.

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